Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dream A Little Dream of ME

Sigh...holidays are here! and guess what?! i got 2 weeks! woohooo. Oh and my Dear niece Maesya! came to visit after 1 year of not seeing her, she so pretty d! BUT im still taller than her ;D..and i also met a new friend Erika she's 14.portugese ;P. she thinks im Hot X) hehe...but i ain't oh well..oh yeah thats erika on the left yeah = / SO Anyway..i started off the week with maesya summer and erika...we went to mv to walk around. TUE went to watch " Secret " with Marcus was ok, did u know Jay chou's Hell good with the piano! So anyway on wednesday suppose to go to Sunway Lagoon with kent and his family and friends..but i felt sick so sorry kent =( then today i went to hans house wen to mid valley walk around have lunch and played ball. so thats all for now...byee