Friday, September 7, 2007

True Love Ways

Well! it's Saturday, after one week of back-to-schooling. you know it seems kinda weird going back to school..u know the feeling of waking up early and gettin dressed up, and it's also kinda stupid to go back to's too noisy!..'cause my school is STILL under construction! bangbangwhirrhiwrr*...and it's also good to see my friends again =D from where i left of on my previous holidays have been really great! but i also regret loh..i told myself i would do some work over the holidays. T_T BUT i DIDN'T and now im having 2nd thoughts that i cannot comeplete my 50 lifepacs! Oh Lord..noooo im such a like how Jon would say " you STuuoopid! " i gotta hit the books really hard =( so pray for me ok? ): so anyway today im goin to a party! well, this party it's a formal one..Jasmine said you have to wear collcar shirt no jeans..if u only got jeans wear nicer ones! Ha! =D So tonight if Kathy brings her cam..i'll get the pics from her and post it. ok see you all! Byeee =)