Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Essay #22

Super Junior is back! after a 2-year of album promotions, TV-Show apperances, TV-show Hosting.oh wait, in case you don't know who Super Junior is. They were the ones who brought us the hit "SORRY SORRY"

SO anyways, The boys are back with a HIT (in my opinion) Miinah (BONAMANA)

They all have changed their images from pretty boys to still pretty boys but with a more manly and sexy look. their dance styles have totally changed from hip-hop and tutting to in my opinion mixed contemporary modern hip-hop. i think their new song will be a hit! those repetitive words and addicting beats. it's awesome! 9/10

Essay #21

THOMAS CUPPP! YES I WENT. I ACTUALLY WENT. I went to one of badminton's MOST prestigious competition. It was the finals, China vs. Indonesia.

Mei wei, Jeffrey (her brother) and I were at the stadium entrance at 12pm waiting in line for the doors to open. it was PACKED! The crowd was 90% indonesia fans! everyone was blowing their horns, wearing funky wigs, playing their drums out loud shouting ' IN-DO-NE-SIAAAAA' it was so AWESOME! when we got it in the stadium there were many badminton shops, LI-Ning, Yonex, Victor, Fleet and a lot of Food Stalls. Anyway, after much walking and looking around we went and find some good seats. Going in the Hall, THE LIGHTS WERE SO BRIGHT! The whole stadium was covered with Fans wearing Red t-shirts. the feeling of being there was just so awesome. Everyone coming badminton lovers supporting their home-country. it was beautiful (insert indian accent) :')

But sadly, malaysia lost at the semi-finals and China won. Oh well there's always the next 2 more years!


Essay #20

IP MAN 2! OFFICIALLY THE BEST MOVIE OF 2010! Yes it's true. i've been bugging you too watch this pa!

Okay So second part Yip man moves to Hong Kong and tries to earn money by starting his own martial arts school teaching "Wing Chun". Yeah actually that's it, And the rest is a Westerner challenging the chinese people to a boxing match and Yip man's wife who is pregnant with a baby boy.

Cast was great! Acting was good, especially Simon Yam and the Western boxer. MADE ME REALLY HATE HIM! And as usual Donnie Yen WAS DAMN GOOD! So was Sammo Hung! who was in the movie and the Fight scene choreographer. Oh man, buy the DVD pa! 10/10!