Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My OBML Expercience

Nyahaha! :D

ok...I'M BACK! and alive too ;) ok lah i'll admit it i had fun =D like heaps of it! the night before i was like 'shit man 10 days of my life is gonna be wasted' but it wasn't at all :D remember that blog link i gave u all on my previous post? yeah my course was like that so now let me try and remember and tell you all my experience.

Day 1

Arrived at 2:30pm
All instructors confiscated ur stuffs : handphone,wallet,IC,food,lighter,magazine,book,sweets,drinks
Well,basically they said ' Back To Basics' = /
after that, the instructor showed us around the campus
and our dorms..ok walking 150 steps everyday to my dorm is not nice!
Oh and my Watch (group) is called Tahan! haha maybe that's why my dorm is one of the highest! So, our instructor told us to change to 'climbing' attire..'cause we're gonna do Belaying! it's like climbing la..fun lah.After that we were told that we have to wait for the singaporeans to help them register and dinner. End

Day 2

Woke up at 6..yeah we HAVE to
since the singaporeans arrived at night now WE have to teach them the belaying. so after that lunch and i forgotted = /
Aiya! screw it i think i will remember better when i see u all face-to-face
But basically I has 3 expeditions,
1st One) was a mountain climb..hehe we climbed 4 Peaks! and a camping trip in Teluk Penyalang :D

2nd One) was was a 12km Kayak from Perak To Pangkor Island! =D I LOVED THAT..this was my highlight of the OBML experience :D

and the LAST ONE) S-O-L-O C-A-M-P meaning stay in the jungle just you,yourself,and you :S rules are: no interacting with anybody, no sign language, and you cannot leave your campsite more than 15m. you cook your own food which they give u in a plastic bag. they gave me one packet maggi,kari ayam,rice,sugar crackers,sardine and an apple. walau man i tell you my Maggie was flucking good!! =) So, basically solo camp was the longest and slowest day of my life. what else ahhh? oh yeah we did rock climbing! this one ah u just use your hand and legs and nothing else u cannot hold the rope! hehe hard ok! i took 30 minutes ==" haha aiya! thats all i can remember la. you all ask me when u see me la! so my experience is erm well...Fanstically Amazing! :D and i also made a lot of friends =)

PS* i don't have the pics. lol i'll get em soon

see ya everybody!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Oh No..It's December :O

Hey everyone..as all of you know or some of you know I'm goin to OBS (Outward Bound School) and this course will be in Lumut, it's in Perak. For 10 Whole days and 9 nights = / So yeah..this morning i woke up at 6AM sharp 'cause of my dad's snoring ==" so i went out to the balcony and did some thinking..I'm gonna miss Carolyn's (my best friend :D) Birthday T_T..why! sobb- this morning i also did some 'research' i so googled obslumut and i found some link to people's blogs...so i found out that THIS what im gonna do for the next 10 days..maybe it's wrong info la..but oh well = / at least you all get the idea or concept on what im gonna do. Sigh..and another downdfall for this whole thing is Handphones are their No.1 in their list of Barred Items WTF* i can't even call Carolyn on her Birthday T_T haiyoo...so yeah this is it im leaving soon. Bye everyone

PS* i is no bring camela. i don't want having memories of that place.

BYE =(