Thursday, March 22, 2007

...Mixed Feelings

lol...its 6am ..Trouble sleeping...a lot of stuff going through my,FRIENDS all that stuff...thinking on what to do with my's like a Split Road..Left or Right? you tell me..i can't go on having too many sleepless nights like these..just thinking..Sigh..The thought of my friends can't even take away what i'm feeling now...just sitting alone here with darkness..all around me..and all i hear is the morning breeze and the crows 'cawing' away...i really don't know what to's just like another split road leading to another...and another...Sigh..what should i do now? i really don't know, i question myself like that everyday..and all i do is just wait for answer..just waiting...should i just run away from this feeling and hide? like i always ask myself What Should I Do Now?? .::HELP::.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Marcus!

Hans and Me decided to go out and give marcus a treat...Hans was me and marcus went and collected the movie tickets for Primeval lol i don't wanna write about Primeval not very nice..Kinda stupid in a way. Anyway i told marcus Let's go SCOUTING =) we did as we were walking around in the cinema floor i saw this girl WOW! If only ihad the Balls to go up to her and say hi AHHHHHHH! She was Hot man! She was wearing a nice Blue Halter Top, Nice Blue Jeans just Nicely Hugging her Beautiful Legs and butt of course! (: as she was walking past me i was just mezmorised by her Dark Brown eyes WOW! She let out a nice sweet smile at me..(: wow man the FEELING!!! Sigh...I have Been in the " HIGH " State ever since! SIGH...............
after movie i went to tropicana 'cause i got not enough time. Anyway, That day was like........SIGH........................ anyway i gotta go now..bye!!

Ghost Rider!!

YEAH!! Finally i saw the moviee! 'Cause Eva Mendes is in it =). Best of All with my best buddy! Hans AKA (HansSoftButt) = / It was on a monday the first day of the school break, i slept over at his place..when i got there we fooled aroud and then he got off the com and we took a cab. Anyway, we got the tickets and we walked, talked ate at McD's just! a LIGHT snack lol was time! haha..after the movie, Movie scenes flashing through my mind haha..thinking about the nice scenes especially Eva in her black dress! the movie was ok aboutt 8/10 i had fun! after that we went back, we stayed up talking chatting with people playing maple...then we slept. Morning..Mum called pick me up at 5, went home feelin' soo tired.Overall my School Break was Okay...lah i miss all of my friends =) and unfortunately i kind wanna go back to school! hahah see y'all!