Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm Irresponsibly Mad for You :D


Call Me Irresponsible - Michael Buble

Man this song is so Catchy! even though i listen to it everyday! haha Let me quote my sis " Hey Zane you know what is your Life- Theme song? hahah! Call me Irresponsible!" hahaha she Laughs Out Really Loud! Well she's also talking about one of the fights i had with my Dad. gonna post about my Saturday, i started the day rather late than my usual wake-up time. Daniel woke me up with a text from him saying ' are you going with your mum to see gong gong? ' So yeah on Saturday was my Gong Gong's ( grandfather ) 9th memorial Eve. Today's the memorial. Anyways these are some of the pics:

Oh i forgot! the Chins joined us...then later we went to Old Town Kopitiam for Lunch! and then Mum dropped me off at Yee Chai's place, and then went to popo's house for the usual-saturday-dinner with the family

So yeah...that was my saturday.

PS* Gong Gong will always be remembered and will be in my Heart =D

Friday, March 21, 2008


whatever la

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


omgosh! i don't like seeing my blog rot like this la...sigh and at the same time im SO! damn lazy to update. Anyways...few things have been happening:

i went to his concert!(Harry Connick Jr) and then after that me my dad and my Godma Ann went to some place to have a drink and i met Sean Ghazi...for those who don't know he's one of my all time favourite singers! and im his number 1 fan, but unfortunately the pic of me and him is not in my com it's in my Dad's Iphone. ANYWAY i spent my chinese new years in Jakarta, i won a lot of money from Texas HoldEm :D and my Auntie maria came down for a visit..and yes im lazy to upload the i'll just skip the boring talk and talk about today! and yesterday...right now im having a bad headache and not like sober yet-ish 'cause i slept in Hans house and i am officially broke! spending most of my cash on the DRINKS we bought that night =D my gosh i tell u..ok la i admit i suck at drinking after chuggin' 5 bottles of Heineken i crashed...==" Sigh and then we spent the whole afternoon skating hehe *psst i can't skate shits :P and right now i really have to say this headache is killing me like Freaking! so yeah a great start to my Holiday! haha

give me a ring, thanks yous :P