Sunday, October 31, 2010

Essay #31

The story begins with the discovery of Aang, who is quickly revealed to be the last of his people, the Air Nomads (hence the title, Last Airbender). The evil Fire Nation wiped out the Air Nomads a century prior in hopes of breaking the cycle and preventing the next Avatar from being born. This would pave the way for the Fire Nation’s attempts to take over the world. Needless to say, when members of the Fire Nation learn of Aang’s existence, they want him and set out in hot pursuit. Prince Zuko (Dev Patel), the exiled son of the Fire Nation ruler, needs to capture the Avatar to regain his honor and rightful place within the Fire Nation kingdom.

Well, 2 things really ticked me off.


SERIOUSLY OK. BIG PRODUCTION WITH DREAMWORKS BIG BUDGET. ACTING LIKE SHIT. and casting was very off. except for Aang and Katara.


and Zuko's Uncle Iroh. Hello, he's the most china person in the Anime series. Drink chinese tea everywhere he goes. and has a pot belly. probably eats bak kut teh too. and Zuko LOOKS LIKE THIS

what the hell is this ?

and zuko's father is CHINESE TOO. as the whole fire nation!

as for the water tribe. they all are suppose to be indians! sigh.

only good thing? EFFECTS WERE LEGIT AND STORYLINE. they didn't leave any good parts out.


Monday, October 11, 2010


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Essay #27


Yes! I've seen the most EPIC Film of the year! a little synopsis to the movie..

Acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan directs an international cast in an original sci-fi actioner that travels around the globe and into the intimate and infinite world of dreams. Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a skilled thief, the absolute best in the dangerous art of extraction, stealing valuable secrets from deep within the subconscious during the dream state, when the mind is at its most vulnerable. Cobb’s rare ability has made him a coveted player in this treacherous new world of corporate espionage, but it has also made him an international fugitive and cost him everything he has ever loved. Now Cobb is being offered a chance at redemption. One last job could give him his life back but only if he can accomplish the impossible—inception.

Instead of the perfect heist, Cobb and his team of specialists have to pull off the reverse: their task is not to steal an idea but to plant one. If they succeed, it could be the perfect crime. But no amount of careful planning or expertise can prepare the team for the dangerous enemy that seems to predict their every move. An enemy that only Cobb could have seen coming - taken from film o fillia.


Of course! it by Christopher Nolan, he's known to screw his audiences' minds. always leaving a big question mark in your head at the ending. makes you seriously think and question the whole movie. as for me. i KINDA got it. also because i was watching it with my girlfriend. know lah ;-)

But overall, the acting was great. a great cast! everybody had good chemistry. but Marion Cotillard was a bit off in some scenes, not enough emotion and clarity to project her character for that specific scene. do i sound logical? Anyway, i love it that Nolan is not the type of director who CRAMPS all the action in one. he spreads it out with some cool matrix-like scenes. and overall it's pretty damn EPIC. effects were so good.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Essay #26

Oh yes, toy's story 3! after 11 years from the pervious one. it's back!

Well, i think they just planned it that way. You know, what other mischief can toys get into? i think 11 years because in all the Toy story movies, Andy (their owner) was 6. so therefore 6+11=17!

Yeap, Toy Story 3 is about Andy is going to college. Andy is now 17 and ready to head off to college, leaving Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and the rest of the toy-box gang to ponder their uncertain futures. When the toys are accidentally donated to the Sunnyside Daycare center they're initially overjoyed to once again be played with, but their enthusiasm quickly gives way to horror as they discover the true nature of the establishment under the rule of the deceptively welcoming "Lotso" Bear. Now, all of the toys must band together in one final, crazy scheme to escape their confines and return home to Andy.

It was...SURPRISINGLY good. i thought it'll be the same 'kid's' movie recipe. but the movie had a lot of unexpected moves and the action was fast and put you on the edge of your seat. 8/10!

But what stuck to me the most was the last scene. Andy was on his way to college and he finally decides what to do with his box full of toys. He drives up to his Mum's friend's house, introduces his toys to Bonnie (the daughter) and after introducing all the toys. Woody is the last one out of the box. The scene softens, zooms in on Andy. and woody. Andy saying his last words, and then a goodbye handing it over to Bonnie. CRY! haha.
That scene had a big implication on " Parting with Loved ones "
Just like that day itself, i woke up at 6 sending off 2 of my closest friends off to NS. Ironic right?

Bernard & Nicholas

We'll miss youu :D

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Essay #25

JUNJI ITO! My Favourite Japanese Manga Author!

Junji Ito, born on July, 1963. is an author of Japanese horror manga.
Born in Gifu Prefecture in 1963, he was inspired from a young age by his older sister's drawing and Kazuo Umezu's comics and thus took an interest in drawing horror comics himself. Nevertheless, upon graduation he trained as a dental technician, and until the early 1990s he juggled his dental career with his increasingly successful hobby — even after being selected as the winner of the prestigious Umezu prize for horror manga.
A common motive in his books are girls obsessed with beauty, for example, long hair. This is the case in his Tomie and Flesh-Colored Horror comic collections.

I've been reading Junji Ito's manga for about 1 year and 6months! started during our Vietnam trip in '08. Vincent Kor-Kor got me hooked! i never thought i'll enjoy HORROR MANGA especiall Junji Ito's stuff. which inclue GORE. LIKE SERIOUS GORE. IN DETAILLLL. gore-y detail! Junji is like the Quintin Tarantino in comics. Killing and Beauty! so so creative. Like Tomie, the girl who is Beautiful. Perfect everywhere and EVERY guy who meets her will fill truly madly deeply for her. the guy will love her so much, until he just wants to chop her into pieces. COOL RIGHT? i'll lend you the book pa. and Uzumaki (means Spiral in japanese) in a town where a strange Spiral obsession is starting. People get so obsessed that some of them wants to turn themselves into spiral.yeah imagine that! cool right?

Essay #24


To me, it's the BEST Car show in the world! i've seen fifth gear, torque tv too.

but nothing beats Top Gear!

What i absolutely LOVE about Top Gear:

It's one of the things i look forward to everytime they present a new car,mission or a scene for talking and interviewing someone. Though i cannot find the Director of photography. which sucks. but i found one who did the Honda Civic piece. Ben Foster.

I love the HOSTS! who doesn't?

JEREMY CLARKSON: Legend! Quick on his feet with humor. always teasing the car, the look and especially the flappy pedals.
James May: the long haired goon! always the technical one of the lot. always specific with numbers.

Richard Hammond: the short hamster! the liveliest one of the lot. absolutely loves the Pagandi Zonda F! gets bullied by jeremy most of the time.

The Stig: the white-suit devil! the rider behind the awesome wheels. haha i love the how jeremy introduces him with the famous quotes ' some say he's seen the Lion King 1780 times and his 2nd best friend is a caped Hippo' haha!

and of course the cars! the main reason for anyone to watch the show!

watch this video pa! you'll know what i mean

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Essay #23


As you know, i got my P license! WOHOO! YEPEEE! HAAHAA! and now i drive. not only do i drive, but i drive the most AWESOME-EST CAR! Yeap, my dad got the family a new car.

The Kia Forte. it's the 1.6 SX model.

SX is for. well i'm not sure. there's an EX model too (the cheaper one) ANYWAY, the SX has really cool features.

6-Disc CD player.

Ipod/USB connectivity.


Automatic windows, whereas the EX is manual.

17" inch SPORT Rims.

Key-less entry. START/STOP BUTTON!


sounds awesome right? it is, this car is the replacement of the family's old NAZA RIA. or Kia Carnival. That mother 2.5 drank petrol like water! but the forte which has a 1.6 drinks MUCH LESS-er. Rm50 can last 3 days with the family's schedule, or picking up and dropping offs. I'm a new driver and i've only driven about 3 cars in my life? I gotta say, the forte is very smooth and quiet. Soft engine, no noise. Comfortable seats, spacious. i mean it's a KOREAN Car! of course it's good! Air-Cond cools up the car really fast! and this in malaysia..that's REALLY good.

But the downside is, like any other Kia car. It's under-power. and the body is really light.
and yeah that's about it! the car has only 2 bad points!

oh and the car was designed by Peter Schreyer, who previously worked with audi as their Design Director..and now he's KIA'S design director! awesome yeah?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Essay #22

Super Junior is back! after a 2-year of album promotions, TV-Show apperances, TV-show Hosting.oh wait, in case you don't know who Super Junior is. They were the ones who brought us the hit "SORRY SORRY"

SO anyways, The boys are back with a HIT (in my opinion) Miinah (BONAMANA)

They all have changed their images from pretty boys to still pretty boys but with a more manly and sexy look. their dance styles have totally changed from hip-hop and tutting to in my opinion mixed contemporary modern hip-hop. i think their new song will be a hit! those repetitive words and addicting beats. it's awesome! 9/10

Essay #21

THOMAS CUPPP! YES I WENT. I ACTUALLY WENT. I went to one of badminton's MOST prestigious competition. It was the finals, China vs. Indonesia.

Mei wei, Jeffrey (her brother) and I were at the stadium entrance at 12pm waiting in line for the doors to open. it was PACKED! The crowd was 90% indonesia fans! everyone was blowing their horns, wearing funky wigs, playing their drums out loud shouting ' IN-DO-NE-SIAAAAA' it was so AWESOME! when we got it in the stadium there were many badminton shops, LI-Ning, Yonex, Victor, Fleet and a lot of Food Stalls. Anyway, after much walking and looking around we went and find some good seats. Going in the Hall, THE LIGHTS WERE SO BRIGHT! The whole stadium was covered with Fans wearing Red t-shirts. the feeling of being there was just so awesome. Everyone coming badminton lovers supporting their home-country. it was beautiful (insert indian accent) :')

But sadly, malaysia lost at the semi-finals and China won. Oh well there's always the next 2 more years!


Essay #20

IP MAN 2! OFFICIALLY THE BEST MOVIE OF 2010! Yes it's true. i've been bugging you too watch this pa!

Okay So second part Yip man moves to Hong Kong and tries to earn money by starting his own martial arts school teaching "Wing Chun". Yeah actually that's it, And the rest is a Westerner challenging the chinese people to a boxing match and Yip man's wife who is pregnant with a baby boy.

Cast was great! Acting was good, especially Simon Yam and the Western boxer. MADE ME REALLY HATE HIM! And as usual Donnie Yen WAS DAMN GOOD! So was Sammo Hung! who was in the movie and the Fight scene choreographer. Oh man, buy the DVD pa! 10/10!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Essay #19

Set in the mythical world of burly Vikings and wild dragons, and based on the book by Cressida Cowell, the action comedy tells the story of Hiccup, a Viking teenager who doesn’t exactly fit in with his tribe’s longstanding tradition of heroic dragon slayers. Hiccup’s world is turned upside down when he encounters a dragon that challenges he and his fellow Vikings to see the world from an entirely different point of view.

OFFICIALLY MY ALL-TIME FAVOURITE DISNEY MOVIE! or favourite animation movie of the year! GREAT SHOW! I really enojyed it, a common plot BUT the director or writer twist and turned it. has a lot of exciting elements in it, the animation was good! love the characters! especially Astrid! and the dragons, their art in this movie was very creative especially with the dragon and environment. but i regret watching it without 3-D. it's a MUST WATCH in 3D and for 6 years old and above. great movie! but i wish the movie were a bit longer. it was less than 1 and a half hour.

and apparently there's a trilogy! YAY! :D 9/10!

Essay #18

Sandy, upon discovering her husband's infidelity while watching her son's birthday video, leaves the suburbs and moves into the city. She gets an apartment that's above a coffee house where she befriends one of the workers, Aram, a guy whose wife only married him so she could get a green card. Aram's family thinks he's wasting his life and education by working in the coffee house. Soon after moving into the apartment, Sandy hires Aram to be her nanny while she takes on work for the first time since her children where born. It isn't long when Aram and Sandy find they get along wonderfully and start to date. But the question is: is their relationship real or is it, in fact, just a rebound for both of them?

Pretty cool plot eh? Cool plot and a good movie. Catherine Zeta Jones and an-upcoming actor Justin Bartha (from the Hangover) So catherine seperates with her husband and moves to new york. Made friends with Aram ( justin bartha) and slowly falls in love. and they both JUST ended their Failed-marriages. but not sure whether this love is real or not. Hmm..not your typical Love-storyline eh? Well, this is a good movie, interesting plot. and surprisingly, i haven't seen Catherine acting in any movies lately...and guess what? She's still got it! she was very intense in some scenes and very expressive AND she's still as hot as the days of her Zoro role! Justin bartha did pretty good too, a shy soft-spoken guy who is easily bullied by woman, especially his mum! haha, overall this movie is pretty good for to chill on a friday night or a lazy sunday afternoon. 7/10

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Essay #17

My 17th essay will be about teenage Popstar, justin bieber.

Well, more of a hate post. justin bieber born on March 1, 1994, is a Canadian pop/R&B singer. His performances were seen on YouTube by Scooter Braun, who later became his manager. Braun flew Bieber to Atlanta, Georgia, to consult with Usher and soon signed a record deal with Island Records, where he began his professional career.

So, he got discovered on youtube. 16, blonde. cute smile. voice like a 12 year-old girl. Personally, i think it's like the Guy-version of Hannah Montana. you know who is hannah montana right pa? Justin has the all the ingredients in being a cute lovable popstar. but i really think he can't really dance or sing very well. and yeah he's signed under usher's record label. and usher keeps producing R&B-rap style music for justin, and he really sucks at R&B he looks awkward. like he's trying to be black. I really think, the record label is just using him because of his looks. Soon, he'll just be a phase, and he'll be known as the boy with a Girly voice.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Essay #16

my 16th essay will be about a movie i just saw yesterday. BROTHERS


Thirty-something Captain Sam Cahill and his younger brother Tommy Cahill, are polar opposites. A Marine about to embark on his fourth tour of duty, Sam is a steadfast family man married to his high school sweetheart, the aptly named Grace, with whom he has two young daughters. Tommy, his charismatic younger brother, is a drifter just out of jail who's always gotten by on wit and charm. He slides easily into his role as family provocateur on his first night out of prison, at Sam's farewell dinner with their parents, Elsie and Hank Cahill, a retired Marine. Shipped out to Afghanistan, Sam is presumed dead when his Black Hawk helicopter is shot down in the mountains. At home in suburbia, the Cahill family suddenly faces a shocking void, and Tommy tries to fill in for his brother by assuming newfound responsibility for himself, Grace, and the children.

so basically, Tobey maguire leaves for the army. Jake gylenhall (younger brother) come home from jail. takes care of family. Jake starts to fall in love with Natalie Portman ( tobey's wife) and then tobey reporter dead in afghanistan and then he comes home! DUm dum dum! DRAMA you know?

well, this movie is VERY intense. only some scenes of course. acting was good. but i felt that natalie portman can't really act as a mother. she still too young. i'm still used to her as queen amidala! and the way they cut from scene-to-scene. its like one scene is quite intense and your still drenched in that thought of the previous scene and then suddenly CUT next scene which has a different emotion. so it's quite potong. but overall tobey maguire was quite a suprise! he did well. Quite a versatile actor. i'm impressed ;) 3-thumbs up. watch it pa. 7.5/10

Monday, March 1, 2010

Essay #15

My 15th essay will be about World Famous Japanese Manga NARUTO!

NARUTO! one of my all-time favourite japanese manga.

Sypnosis: Long time ago, in the Village of Konoha. Naruto Uzumaki is a young boy who has the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox sealed within him. Twelve years before the start of the series, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox attacked the ninja village Konoha, slaughtering many people. In response, the leader of Konoha and its ninja military – the LEGENDARY Fourth Hokage – sacrificed his life to seal the demon inside Naruto when he was a newborn baby. Naruto grew to be a very mischievous, naughty young boy, in this adventure naruto fights bad guys, friends who betrayed the village. and his ultimate goal. to be a HOKAGE* of konoha.

*Hokage, is like the leader of a village.

Why do i like it?

I can relate to naruto, in a way. when he was 10 years old. everybody in the village hated him because of what was sealed within him. the 9 tailed demon fox.
and naruto tried to fit in, tried to make friends. but everyone just rejected him. like when i was FAT. :( also i like it because of the action and awesome powers.

Naruto has 263 episodes, 385 chapters in the manga, and 4 movies! in america it is ranked on the top 20 in the 100 best anime shows.

Naruto is still on-going with a great story. watch it pa!

Essay #14

my 13th essay will be about my chinese new year.

Well, Chinese new year went by fast. didn't it? I have to say i really misssed
it. having missed it last year due to my sweet 16 trip to JAPAN! but still the ang paos, the reunion
dinner, the gambling, the mandarin oranges, the little snacks you eat while gambling and LOTS AND LOTS OF

i missed all of those. and i'm glad i got to celebrate chinese new year my family's way.
Went to Johol, tampin and kuala pilah to see my aunts, cousins and nieces after 2 years of not seeing them.
it was all like how a usual family reunion would be like. 'oh summer! you're so pretty now! got boyfriend?"
"oh zane your so slim now! how did you do it?' 'oh agnes and peter, looking healthy!' but all of this
would be in hokkien! I really enjoyed my break, really got me connected to my dad's side of the family,
made me realize how much i missed them too. Because i only see them,maybe twice a year, 3 at most.
But the thought of when my dad is gone, it haunts me and makes me wonder 'hmm,who's going to come back
and visit tampin? me? kelvin?' Aihh...long way more to figure out. in the mean time, even if its the start of
the year. i'm looking forward to next years chinese new year! haha.

Essay #13

my 12th essay will be about Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

first, movie sypnosis:

Trouble-prone Percy Jackson is having problems in high school - but that's the least of his challenges. It's the 21st century, but the gods of Mount Olympus seem to have walked out of the pages of Percy's Greek mythology texts and into his life. Percy has learned that his real father is Poseidon, god of the sea, which means Percy is a demigod - half human, half god. At the same time, the powerful gods on Olympus are feuding, which could launch a war enveloping our entire planet.

Now, Percy must prepare for the adventure of a lifetime, and the stakes couldn't be higher.

dum dum dum...

OVERALL. the movie effects is good! location is
nice. i like the base camp for demigods. very nice scenery. and the war games
they have for simulation. but the bad part is the ACTING. Really. i thought
the actors will be able to carry their role well. apparently not, Actor LoganSomething
failed to act his surprise/shocked expression when he saw a monster for the first time
everything was dull. As for the others, UMA Thurman made an apperance as MEDUSA. It was good
seeing uma again. all in all. the movie is 6.5/10

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Essay #12

My 12th essay will be about a Comedy movie! Couples Retreat!

Four Midwestern couples embark on a journey to a tropical island resort. While one of the couples is there to work on their marriage, the other three set out to jet ski, spa and enjoy some fun in the sun. They soon discover that participation in the resort's couples therapy is not optional. Suddenly, their group-rate vacation comes at a price. What follows is a hilarious look at real world problems faced by all couples.


Vince Vaughn
Jason Bateman
Faizon Love
Jon Favreau
Malin Akerman
Kristen Bell
Kristin Davis

Hmm, let me start by commenting of the location of ' Eden ', it is so beautiful! just like the screensaver on my Mac computer, it was shot in the island of Bora-Bora! Under a one hour flight from the island of Tahiti.

Anyways, this movie is about couples and their problems. This movie really made me realize. that no matter how much in love or how happy you are when your in a relationship. somewhere along the line, there will be rough patches and hard times couples will go through, and when that happens. and if the couple does not work at it to try and resolve the issue. it will lead to ignoring each other, not talking to each other, fighting a lot and soon. the couple can't even stand the sight of each other.
Even though i'm only 17, still young and much more to experience. i can't but help but to agree, when i was with my girlfriend. Communication is one of the most important thing in a relationship. After watching the movie. I felt a little bit uneasy, thinking and comparing myself with my future-wife. i wonder, what if i turn out like that? or when im older, i'll be like one of those couples you see in restaurants, just sitting there staring and stray cats and dogs while they wait for their food to arrive. and not saying one word to each other, other than ' let's go home, or call for the bill ' it scares me a little. Well, at least now i know ' what will happen, or what CAN happen if you don't work at a relationship'

movie 7.5/10

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Essay #11

My 11th essay is about the new beginner DSLR: Canon EOS 500D

first some of the specs!

The Canon EOS 500D features a jump from the 12.2 Megapixels of its predecessor to15.1 Megapixels.

quite a big jump and it's a big improvement. The camera's ISO settings increased from it's predecessor from 100-1600. the 500D has 100-12,800! with that level of pixels and ISO settings this beginner camera can already match up against the Semi-pro 50D! Amazing eh? also there are key differences. the 50D has 6.3fps (Frames Per Second) continuous shooting compared to 500D's 3.4fps. other than that, they both share same sensor resolution, ISO range, 3in VGA screen, HDMI port, Creative Auto mode, DIGIC 4 processor, highlight protection and peripheral correction.

oh and the feature i really don't like on DSLRs now is the HD-Video recording. which the 500D can record up to 1080p. yes it's an awesome camera.

My personal review, i tried it last december. It was my friend's camera, she brought it to Genting. so i thought i'd try it out. Feel is not so good, because ever since the launch of the 1000D all bodies for the Beginner series have been using plastic! which means ergonomics are not so hot like the Semi-Pros such as the 30D/40D/50D etc..etc..

moving on to the controls, like i stated earlier ever since the launch of the 1000D the controls are a tad bit different now. with the ISO button near the shutter release button CAN create some confusion if the user is new to the controls. the beautiful 3in. 920k VGA screen at the back is perfect for reviewing photos. and i have to say the new sensor is AWESOME. and i have to admit it's way better than my 30D.

if i were to compare it, the 500D beats my 30D in terms of : photo quality, Video-recording ( even though i won't consider this, but it's a review) Bigger screen. but my 30D is still the best ;)

so overall. i give this a 7/10

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Essay #10

My 10th essay will be about my long time ' Love '. Love the for this game actually.

Well, let me start off with The Left 4 Dead series. Left 4 Dead is a first person-shooter role playing game. where there are 4 characters. with of course zombies! there are normal ones and there are the special infected. You start off with various campaigns. Meaning, different Themes to each level. there's 'Dark Carnival' , 'The Parish' , 'Swamp Fever' etc..etc. At the start of each level,Players will be given Guns,Axe,Frying Pan,Pipe-Bomb,Molotovs,Chainsaw etc..etc. And the objective is complete the level and reach the SafeHouse (checkpoint). Simple right? It's a well known game all around the world played by MILLIONS! Winning various awards too! Receiving as one of the best multiplayer and PC games of 2008! by IGN Computer Game of the Year by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences! Best Shooting game overall from IGN! Father of All FPS from Nofrag! and the best Cooperative Multiplayer and Shooter of 2008 from GameSpot

Why do i love this game?

Well, because it's really fun! it's also another way to channel all my anger and stress. Especially when i can use Melee weapons like the Katana, Axe, Chainsaw and Machetes to hack/slash/slice/chop my way through the zombies!

This Game is For?

EVERYBODY AND ANYBODY who wants to kick zombie butt. Even my cousin who is 8 is playing this!

What are the Pros and Cons?

Pros are: Good graphics! really captures the tension and excitement of being in an acutually zombie apocalypse! it's true. i get scared playing sometimes.

Cons are: Game has quite a number of bugs. Zombies can walk on air sometimes. or just hanging on pixels. this is fairly common in new games as they have just developed. but overall this game is 9/10!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Essay #9

My 9th essay will be about the recent FOOD-TRIP! all the way to KLANG! YES HOME OF BAK KUT TEH!

It was an EARLY sunday morning. Well for me that is, woke up at 8:30, left at
930. I was kind of 'Jakoon' with Klang. Because i haven't been there! i kept thinking it was Sunway! So after about half an hours drive. we ARRIVED!

TenTenTen! the place was big! and so full! So full of Honda Accords, Civics,Cities and Toyota Alphard! Absolutely full of Chinese people! Majority families. Getting a seat was no problem for us! it's as if, the seat was expecting us! sat down ordered the usual.

About 5 to 8 minutes, THE FOOD CAME!

Well, sucks i don't have a picture. but at least it looked like that! haha. first try, very nice quite thick-taste, due to the chicken leg broth. Can taste the Herbs, wow! so syiok! The meat is the best i've ever tasted! so fresh and tender! like my dad said, quality in klang is very high and good! even the garlic was so fresh!

Taman Intan, Klang, Selangor32, Jalan Batai Laut 5,
Kawasan 16, Taman Intan,
41300 Klang, Selangor.

Anyway, this place nothing but DAMN GOOD! HO CHIAK MAN! must go! 9.8/10!

.2 due to people staring down at you while they're waiting for you to finish up so they can sit! grr.

P/S thank you pa! let's go! bring more people!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Essay #8

My 8th essay will be about my NEW love! SOONG KEE'S BEEF NOODLES! aaaah!

It was last tuesday night, the last week of 2009. i was having my usual badminton club night at lake club. Dad and i met up at the club. He went to his usual gym and i, of course badminton. After working our butts off. Sweaty as
pigs, we decided to call it a day and leave for dinner! In the car, i told papa. " i had a heavy lunch, let's having something 'light'. " and soo...we went to!

No. 3, Jalan Tun Tan Siew Sin (previously known as Jalan Silang). Which i never ever heard of, except that i know it's near petaling street, and papa told me it's REALLY good. SO! first impression, as i walked in. Heavy heavy beef smell! haha, i had some trouble breathing. Anyway, with Haste! dad ordered, and food came....

WAA! * i said in my mind* looks damn good eh! got a few bites down. OMG, it's pretty darn good! considering the fact, i don't eat beef noodles AT ALL. but i still know my standards. But wait the best is yet to come!

YES! beef balls and BEEF TRIPE! mixed! yes! haha, my favourite! This one was as good as Nam Heong's 'Ngau Lam Tong"! FIGHT MAN! haha.

So yeah, their speciality is of course, the beef balls. We ordered a small bowl of dry noodles mixed with a special dark sauce like 'Hak Yao' which comes with a bowl of clear soup filled with 8 'okay-sized' beef balls and sprinkled with spring onions. The noodles are like the 'wantan-mee-, crunchy abit. It is topped with minced beef and a few strands of vegie. The beef balls are ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! TENDER,SPRINGY,so fresh! Dipping the beef balls into the chilli sauce provided by the restaurant is a must! So yes, thank you pa! i really love this! really,really! This sunday on?

P/S: pics were stolen on google.