Monday, May 28, 2007

Holiday Bug..

Heard of it? i'm sure you do, 'caus most of my friends got it...Well, i got the Fever. Jerms got the Flu . Isaac Wong got the High-Fever . Andrew Lim got the fever too..this sucks.....gonna go out tomorrow..than paint ball the next day ten Shrek 3 on fri and MV on saturday... :D hehe...Anyway, i feel so like headache-yy don't feel like bloggin' now..just a small post this time. =( u knw SMS your friends, they'll make u feel better (: Anyhoo, i wanna go rest now..pray f me and my friends aight? =) see u all......

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Hello, hey everyone..guess what? I WON U-15 badminton singles AND doubles! clap pls..thanks you =) but no fight man....:P the girls won netball NUMBER ONE! and of course the basketball team number one!!!! chempaka PJ kicks ass la. oh yeah did i tell u all? i'm the Badminton coach in my school :D and allthe players i coached got at least to the qurater finals and semis and me CHAMPION ;) hehe. Oh yeah JORDIN won American Idol! oH YEAH!! bsides BLAKE sucks he can't even beatbox and he total ruined the maroon 5 song. FUCK! but i'm she won :D if blake i wouldn't wanna watch american idol anymore! oh hey check out some of the pics during sports day cameraman: my dad >>

check it out man CHEMPAKA PJ we were the biggest school ther :D AND not EVERYONE from our school came :D hhehe

oh yeah my singles match..i think was jump smashing i think or just smash?whatever. Anyway u see i was too fast for the camera! =)

my erm rather LATE Fans :D lov ya both!

My doubles match! Jook said i look lik isac wong, i look that fat meh? gawrsh man i look SO PRO! right? u gotta admit it..(my shorts are so girlie-short :P ) lol
thats all the pics i got, other of 'em are with i think YEAH sports day baby!!! CHEMPAKA PJ WON!!