Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Hey everyone! i decided to kick my ass back to my blog =( haha...hmm..school is okay i guess..o yeah KATHY! haha that babe i miss her (: erm..o yeah CNY haha HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! haha so blurr..On Eve my Godma Hanim decided to take me and Summer out for lunch+shopping at Star Hill! lol that place is nice la but very quiet a very strange thing in a bigg mall haha they have LACOSTE! Guy Laroche! Timberland and some jewelry shops and a lot more...after that we ate lunch at SHOOK! hear of it? no? me too but very high class u know!AFTER that we went to Planet Hollywood! haha Summer had a coke float! Godma had a Choocolate Shake..then we walk around in a mall looking at stuff then we saw this like fair selling casual clothes so Godma bought for me 2 T-shirts love 'em! then i told her i gtg FOS to buy my Boxers...afte we bought it, we went home geting rdy for dinner! the spread was chun! but i dun have to pics here gonna upload SOON. hmm...So after that it was gambling all the way..My House Julian Gan's House gamble..made 1 lousy dollar =( total i made Rm47 i started with 3 dollars lol..LOUSY! you know...i feel so guilty after 1 week withour EXERCISE! ahh hated it i didn't get my excercise flabby now..AHHHH stupid holidays! ughhh...anyway i really duno what to blog now i'll post the pics soon?bye!

Thursday, February 15, 2007


...haha hey everyone! finally back on blogging after i got stucked on the accountS long story =_=..anyway yesterday i went to 1u after school with my friends as a Belated Valentine's Day outing..Adam,Sean,Samuel W, Kathy,Summer,Juice,Nina,Carrot,jer mayn and me. Before the movie we all split up and walk around and then met up again later at 4:40 so me Nina and Carrot walked around looking for my friend Normah at Dorothy Perkins we went the whole of 1u to fine that shop haha..actually it was just right below the cinema floor!! o yeah! and i met my radio DJ friend kamal! nice to see you man! haha so it was abt 4:35 we all met up and 3 of usbought hot dogs then we were goin in pass the tickets everything suddenly one malay guy wanted to search nina's bag *the taste of hot dogs went away* haha but her school books were covering them! haha anyway i'll cut to the movie, Norbit is an Orphan who is engaged to a monstrous woman (Rasputia) meets the woman of his dreams and he finds a way to be with her, it's basically slap-stick movie. haha funny-funny overall okay la 6.5/10 Image Hosted by ImageShack.usthere she/he is with 'Excuse me? of course im wearing my bottoms!' =P haha it was the part where they were in the water park XD hhaha NEXT Ghost Rider!

Monday, February 12, 2007


Hey, damn my first time blogging..well actually 2nd time but first one was like..err not real.haha anyway. Hi, i am zane im new to this..so help mee out please? haha what you see in my blog may or may not be permanent but im gonna change a few things, like my title! that one got me stucked in creating this blog...haha. So, i'll be posting stuff but right now..just thinking on what to post.So, see you all..