Friday, May 30, 2008


So, i went to SBA today, with a bloody nervous mind. i trained with the girls today...age 12 and 13. they're good = / makes me feel like Giving up.
I was so damn nervous. sigh...first time i guess. there's another session on wednesday. i don't know whether i wanna go. i should just stick to Mr. Lee.
People are not nice over there. i guess im just Soft..
my word for today.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

You Send Me =D

yes, i'm very the Lazyy! to update...= / sorry loh!

So, Holidays are here! yay! i'll be kinda-sorta busy :p well let's 1 on 1 badminton coaching is starting soon ( Misbun's Coach ) <- serious :) ok so
anyway...and i'll be taking my camera everywhere these days, need to get some ideas for this Photography contest im joining. Organized by Asian Photography Magazine..So, the contest is called ' Asian Photography Cover Contest ' yeah...i have to take a picture 'suitable' for their Cover. so so! please BOMB ME with some ideas please! for now im just sticking to Macro...Flower loh...damn safe choice i know :( and i shortlisted some of the shots...but its like bloody 47mb after Editing! and i'm Lazy :p's wednesday. hmm...well for the past 3 days. I WORKED! I wen to BBM (big blue marble) my Aunt's preschool. OOH! and i have a new FAVOURTIE STUDENT! SIENNA!!

gorgeous-ness! and she has this British accent and she speaks really well! and she's ONLY 2! hehe..oh and this Saturday i will be going to SBA ( Selangor Badminton Association) <- right? yeah, for training.

In other news, BLOODYCB DAVID COOK WON american idol ==" omfg! i can sing better than him! Archuleta shoud'a won man! arrggh! so yeah thats all i can say so i let this pic end the post! haha Aunty Bernie my sis and Jamie likes this pics. i dont know why = P haha