Monday, June 18, 2007

The OLd know, past 2 years after Jon,school and family stuff. Stress Happened last year when the Jon thing and my school work. hehe i look back the pics from last year's events eg. B'days, Family gathering etc. my dad was the always-standby-cameraman on the loose taking away candids and pictures, just catching the essence of our every-family-gathering...yeah so anyway, as i was looking through the picts..and when i saw the pics..saw jon,me,summer..So, i compared myself the 'NOW' me and to the old:well.. 'ME' i saw erm..change? oh and the following pictures may make you laugh bad =( so ENJOY~ pics: family <3
The Trios =)


Like father like son?

i ask them to pose like boyband. standing-apart-pose :P

Jon's just too cool~ i lost mine =(

" Jon Cold ah the water? "

* I'm so Fat and i'm still eating more*...*eat*eat*

*exhausted*(restin on Double Chin)


(move Fats! Move) :-@

TheTrios again.

see jerms you were taller than me =)

Okay lah, i also gettin bored so yeah that was sort of a recap of the old me yeah. So anyway, after looking through some ofthe pics wth my dad he said was havin' ' stress' woh? can me? stress can makeyou put on a lot of weight eh? don't know lah, but im just glad i don't look like that anymore la =) OH an i gt 90 on m math and 83 on my LA (: yay! so see you all do commen on thechat thing yeah? BYEe