Sunday, November 29, 2009

Essay #1

i do not want to write this. dad ask me to. something 'productive' woh...?

Anyway, i'll be writing about the movie i just watched today. Review-ish.

" Ninja Assassin "

Sunday morning, 9am. i woke up with a smile on my face, felling happy, carefree as if there's nothing to do today but laze around in the house with my korean music playing. 10 o'clock, i'm at the computer stil thinking what to do on a sunday. Dad walked in the room telling me we're having breakfast at the Le Meriden. THEN it hit me, SHANE IS PICKING ME UP IN AN HOUR! i rushed to the toilet. Haha, i thought to myself with a smile on my face. how can i be so forgetful?

Shane picked me up at 10:45. came in forawhile, left 15 minutes after.

You might ask why did i choose NINJA ASSASSIN? Well, 2 things. BIGKOREAN SUPERSTAR (Rain) and RAIN is the main lead. haha.

So, after lunch it was time! NINJA ASSASSIN TIME! :D

Overall, after watching the trailer earlier this week. It looked like a Cheap-movie with a very expensive Actor in their cast. But it didn't dissapoint. Rain was very good! and the special effects, fighting scenes were Matrix/300 like. it was awesome! not much dialogue because it's..well an ACTIONPACKEDKICKASS FILM!
Cast was a bit off, they should've used a Hotter girl for the Supporting actress.
Script was good. Funny. To wrap it up. Ninja Assassin is a great movie for the Gore-y,Action,KillKillKill,blood splash,limbs flying Fans. i give it a 9/10!