Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sure or Not?

Ladies & Gentleman, EOS 1000D/Rebel XS

Canon's new Entry-Level (beginner) DSLR said to replace the Long time success EOS 400D. BUT! the feature is like, only SLIGHTLY better?

The Improvements :
1. Live View ==" i really dont know why they put in this feature in DSLRs, might as well get a P&S right??
2. It's the Lightest Canon DSLR weighing at 450g and the body is different, the 'curves' part. its like the 450D shape.
3. it has the NEW DiG!C III processor meaning faster image writing and better control at High ISO speeds
4. Kit lens is the 18-55 IS
and the things that aren't so good:
the 'New' AF point system, only got 7 points! and the 400D has 9! =="?
no more CF, only SD. same 2.5 LCD, same 10MPX sensor.
hmm a bit weird right canon? should've stick with the 400D and let the 450D do the job, the 450 is already doing well! clearing shops everywhere!what you guys think? haha..i feel so

AIYA! Canon Sure or Not?