Sunday, January 31, 2010

Essay #11

My 11th essay is about the new beginner DSLR: Canon EOS 500D

first some of the specs!

The Canon EOS 500D features a jump from the 12.2 Megapixels of its predecessor to15.1 Megapixels.

quite a big jump and it's a big improvement. The camera's ISO settings increased from it's predecessor from 100-1600. the 500D has 100-12,800! with that level of pixels and ISO settings this beginner camera can already match up against the Semi-pro 50D! Amazing eh? also there are key differences. the 50D has 6.3fps (Frames Per Second) continuous shooting compared to 500D's 3.4fps. other than that, they both share same sensor resolution, ISO range, 3in VGA screen, HDMI port, Creative Auto mode, DIGIC 4 processor, highlight protection and peripheral correction.

oh and the feature i really don't like on DSLRs now is the HD-Video recording. which the 500D can record up to 1080p. yes it's an awesome camera.

My personal review, i tried it last december. It was my friend's camera, she brought it to Genting. so i thought i'd try it out. Feel is not so good, because ever since the launch of the 1000D all bodies for the Beginner series have been using plastic! which means ergonomics are not so hot like the Semi-Pros such as the 30D/40D/50D etc..etc..

moving on to the controls, like i stated earlier ever since the launch of the 1000D the controls are a tad bit different now. with the ISO button near the shutter release button CAN create some confusion if the user is new to the controls. the beautiful 3in. 920k VGA screen at the back is perfect for reviewing photos. and i have to say the new sensor is AWESOME. and i have to admit it's way better than my 30D.

if i were to compare it, the 500D beats my 30D in terms of : photo quality, Video-recording ( even though i won't consider this, but it's a review) Bigger screen. but my 30D is still the best ;)

so overall. i give this a 7/10

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Essay #10

My 10th essay will be about my long time ' Love '. Love the for this game actually.

Well, let me start off with The Left 4 Dead series. Left 4 Dead is a first person-shooter role playing game. where there are 4 characters. with of course zombies! there are normal ones and there are the special infected. You start off with various campaigns. Meaning, different Themes to each level. there's 'Dark Carnival' , 'The Parish' , 'Swamp Fever' etc..etc. At the start of each level,Players will be given Guns,Axe,Frying Pan,Pipe-Bomb,Molotovs,Chainsaw etc..etc. And the objective is complete the level and reach the SafeHouse (checkpoint). Simple right? It's a well known game all around the world played by MILLIONS! Winning various awards too! Receiving as one of the best multiplayer and PC games of 2008! by IGN Computer Game of the Year by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences! Best Shooting game overall from IGN! Father of All FPS from Nofrag! and the best Cooperative Multiplayer and Shooter of 2008 from GameSpot

Why do i love this game?

Well, because it's really fun! it's also another way to channel all my anger and stress. Especially when i can use Melee weapons like the Katana, Axe, Chainsaw and Machetes to hack/slash/slice/chop my way through the zombies!

This Game is For?

EVERYBODY AND ANYBODY who wants to kick zombie butt. Even my cousin who is 8 is playing this!

What are the Pros and Cons?

Pros are: Good graphics! really captures the tension and excitement of being in an acutually zombie apocalypse! it's true. i get scared playing sometimes.

Cons are: Game has quite a number of bugs. Zombies can walk on air sometimes. or just hanging on pixels. this is fairly common in new games as they have just developed. but overall this game is 9/10!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Essay #9

My 9th essay will be about the recent FOOD-TRIP! all the way to KLANG! YES HOME OF BAK KUT TEH!

It was an EARLY sunday morning. Well for me that is, woke up at 8:30, left at
930. I was kind of 'Jakoon' with Klang. Because i haven't been there! i kept thinking it was Sunway! So after about half an hours drive. we ARRIVED!

TenTenTen! the place was big! and so full! So full of Honda Accords, Civics,Cities and Toyota Alphard! Absolutely full of Chinese people! Majority families. Getting a seat was no problem for us! it's as if, the seat was expecting us! sat down ordered the usual.

About 5 to 8 minutes, THE FOOD CAME!

Well, sucks i don't have a picture. but at least it looked like that! haha. first try, very nice quite thick-taste, due to the chicken leg broth. Can taste the Herbs, wow! so syiok! The meat is the best i've ever tasted! so fresh and tender! like my dad said, quality in klang is very high and good! even the garlic was so fresh!

Taman Intan, Klang, Selangor32, Jalan Batai Laut 5,
Kawasan 16, Taman Intan,
41300 Klang, Selangor.

Anyway, this place nothing but DAMN GOOD! HO CHIAK MAN! must go! 9.8/10!

.2 due to people staring down at you while they're waiting for you to finish up so they can sit! grr.

P/S thank you pa! let's go! bring more people!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Essay #8

My 8th essay will be about my NEW love! SOONG KEE'S BEEF NOODLES! aaaah!

It was last tuesday night, the last week of 2009. i was having my usual badminton club night at lake club. Dad and i met up at the club. He went to his usual gym and i, of course badminton. After working our butts off. Sweaty as
pigs, we decided to call it a day and leave for dinner! In the car, i told papa. " i had a heavy lunch, let's having something 'light'. " and soo...we went to!

No. 3, Jalan Tun Tan Siew Sin (previously known as Jalan Silang). Which i never ever heard of, except that i know it's near petaling street, and papa told me it's REALLY good. SO! first impression, as i walked in. Heavy heavy beef smell! haha, i had some trouble breathing. Anyway, with Haste! dad ordered, and food came....

WAA! * i said in my mind* looks damn good eh! got a few bites down. OMG, it's pretty darn good! considering the fact, i don't eat beef noodles AT ALL. but i still know my standards. But wait the best is yet to come!

YES! beef balls and BEEF TRIPE! mixed! yes! haha, my favourite! This one was as good as Nam Heong's 'Ngau Lam Tong"! FIGHT MAN! haha.

So yeah, their speciality is of course, the beef balls. We ordered a small bowl of dry noodles mixed with a special dark sauce like 'Hak Yao' which comes with a bowl of clear soup filled with 8 'okay-sized' beef balls and sprinkled with spring onions. The noodles are like the 'wantan-mee-, crunchy abit. It is topped with minced beef and a few strands of vegie. The beef balls are ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! TENDER,SPRINGY,so fresh! Dipping the beef balls into the chilli sauce provided by the restaurant is a must! So yes, thank you pa! i really love this! really,really! This sunday on?

P/S: pics were stolen on google.