Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Essay #23


As you know, i got my P license! WOHOO! YEPEEE! HAAHAA! and now i drive. not only do i drive, but i drive the most AWESOME-EST CAR! Yeap, my dad got the family a new car.

The Kia Forte. it's the 1.6 SX model.

SX is for. well i'm not sure. there's an EX model too (the cheaper one) ANYWAY, the SX has really cool features.

6-Disc CD player.

Ipod/USB connectivity.


Automatic windows, whereas the EX is manual.

17" inch SPORT Rims.

Key-less entry. START/STOP BUTTON!


sounds awesome right? it is, this car is the replacement of the family's old NAZA RIA. or Kia Carnival. That mother 2.5 drank petrol like water! but the forte which has a 1.6 drinks MUCH LESS-er. Rm50 can last 3 days with the family's schedule, or picking up and dropping offs. I'm a new driver and i've only driven about 3 cars in my life? I gotta say, the forte is very smooth and quiet. Soft engine, no noise. Comfortable seats, spacious. i mean it's a KOREAN Car! of course it's good! Air-Cond cools up the car really fast! and this in malaysia..that's REALLY good.

But the downside is, like any other Kia car. It's under-power. and the body is really light.
and yeah that's about it! the car has only 2 bad points!

oh and the car was designed by Peter Schreyer, who previously worked with audi as their Design Director..and now he's KIA'S design director! awesome yeah?


Wei said...

Zane, spell this with me!

S-H-O-W O-F-F!

Zane said...

hahah! what! my dad ask me to do this ==

Peter Gan said...

Your dad asked you to do what???