Thursday, June 10, 2010

Essay #24


To me, it's the BEST Car show in the world! i've seen fifth gear, torque tv too.

but nothing beats Top Gear!

What i absolutely LOVE about Top Gear:

It's one of the things i look forward to everytime they present a new car,mission or a scene for talking and interviewing someone. Though i cannot find the Director of photography. which sucks. but i found one who did the Honda Civic piece. Ben Foster.

I love the HOSTS! who doesn't?

JEREMY CLARKSON: Legend! Quick on his feet with humor. always teasing the car, the look and especially the flappy pedals.
James May: the long haired goon! always the technical one of the lot. always specific with numbers.

Richard Hammond: the short hamster! the liveliest one of the lot. absolutely loves the Pagandi Zonda F! gets bullied by jeremy most of the time.

The Stig: the white-suit devil! the rider behind the awesome wheels. haha i love the how jeremy introduces him with the famous quotes ' some say he's seen the Lion King 1780 times and his 2nd best friend is a caped Hippo' haha!

and of course the cars! the main reason for anyone to watch the show!

watch this video pa! you'll know what i mean

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Peter Gan said...

DB9 It is! Power. Beauty. Soul. Indeed!